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Vibrant Life: What Is It and Are You Living One?

Are you and your family living the active lives you desire, or do pain, low energy and health issues slow you down?

Our vision is “Vibrant Living for Every Stage of Life”. docwithkids

We seek to help our patients life full and active lives by finding and removing the nerve stresses that can limit their energy and well-being. As we are able to correct the spinal problems that interfere  with normal nerve activity, we commonly get reports from patients that they sleep better, have more energy, don’t get sick as often, and are able to do the things they enjoy more easily. This often comes in the form of a baby sleep better at night, a toddler overcoming recurring ear infections, and a child able to stop bedwetting. In adults, we hear from moms that they have more energy to care for their kids, they are more patient, that headaches go away. In our aging patients, we hear that they are able to continue gardening into their 90s, play baseball into their 80s, and stay active in hiking and fishing and the things they have enjoyed their whole lives, and were afraid they would have to give them up as they got older.

With over 31 years in practice, Dr. Calcara combines his skill, knowledge and experience with current computerized technologies, including being able to measure spinal nerve stress, and state of the art digital x-rays, to get a complete look into how well your bodies are working and to identify specific locations of nerve disruptions. He uses a variety of adjusting methods, most of which are very gentle, to help your body heal and recover comfortably.

If you and any family members are not living life fully, call us at 360-352-3333 and come find out if chiropractic can help you live the vibrant lives you deserve!

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