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Olympia Pediatric Chiropractic Care

A Healthy Start to Life: Why Newborns Need a Chiropractic Check-up

At Calcara Family Chiropractic PS, we know that one of the most beautiful yet traumatic things children go through is the birthing process. Even under natural childbirth, there is a lot of pressure on a baby’s head and neck.  In fact, the majority of babies we see after birth need to be adjusted to correct that misalignment.

If the child is delivered with instruments such as forceps or vacuum, this can commonly cause injury to the baby’s neck. Even worse for a child is delivery by c-section. Uterine contractions are nature’s way to push the baby through the birth canal, but there is nothing that assists the baby in a c-section. An incision is made just big enough to get the head out, but the surgeon must pull the baby by the head and neck to get the shoulders and body through. Studies show that the pulling forces can be 60-90 lbs of pressure on this delicate baby’s neck! It is very common for a significant misalignment (called a “Subluxation”) to occur, which can stretch, pinch or otherwise damage the delicate nerves that regulate digestion and other vital functions.

If that alignment does not get corrected, it can lead to nerve disturbances, particularly in the upper neck. This nerve disturbance can adversely affect digestion (commonly found as colic and reflux in infants), cause problems nursing (especially if they nurse well on one side, but poorly on the other), and disrupt restful sleep. As these children get older, they frequently experience recurring ear infections and have a higher incidence of other issues, including ADHD and sensory processing disorders.

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Pediatric Care for Your Child’s Best Future

With the gentlest amount of pressure, we’re able to remove this nerve interference to help children get a healthy start to life. Babies and children respond to care quicker than adults.

Once we help get things in better shape, they tend to be healthier children overall, getting sick less often than those around them, and their bodies grow and develop well,, allowing them to live vibrant, active  lives.


Pediatric Chiropractic Care Can Help Growing Children in Olympia

Chiropractic care is an effective, gentle way to get your kids well. Just a few of the complaints it can help with include:

Pediatric chiropractic care in Olympia at Calcara Family Chiropractic PS

Give your kids the best start in life with regular chiropractic care!

Growing Pains

As your child grows up, they experience stresses, falls and growing pains. These accidents are normal, but can still cause a significant amount of stress on your developing child.


This is a condition that many pre-adolescent children can develop. Curvatures in the upper or lower back pain can be aggravated by carrying heavy backpacks or spending too much time looking down at their phones, which can cause postural and tension issues, and may lead to pain or headaches.

ADHD and Sensory Processing

Our brain is constantly receiving input from all different parts of our bodies. Our brain is also able to filter out the information that is not important, keeping what it needs. If someone is dealing with ADHD or is on the autism spectrum, the brain is often overloaded with input, causing poor focus and attention.

We can identify if there is nerve disturbance in the spine, and where. By gently adjusting very specific places, we can calm the nervous system, reducing input to the brain so the child can process input better and focus better.

Trouble Sleeping

Some children have issues sleeping and may only get three to four hours a night. By adjusting the vertebrae, we calm the nervous system so your little one can sleep better. One four-year-old had never slept more than four hours at a time. Then, after his first adjustment he slept 12 hours and now sleeps 10-12 hours on average.

We’ve seen dramatic differences in many of our young patients’ lives. Let’s see the difference Olympia pediatric chiropractic can make in your child’s nervous system and life.


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