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Meet Dr. Robert Molato, Chiropractor

Dr. Robert MolatoDr. Molato is a US Marine Corp & Air Force veteran. After his service in the military, he would earn his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Seattle University. Dr. Molato went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California with a goal to gain more knowledge & experience to help patients and improve their quality of life.

Helping Patients In Need

“It’s inspiring, when you see patients who come to the college clinic in pain, and the next visit to clinic, they’re feeling better and gradually improving. One patient I worked with was homeless and struggling, needing pain pills to manage his symptoms. He was able to ration his pain medication supply by supplementing it with chiropractic visits—if he didn’t come to the clinic, his pain was too great to handle without medication.

Dr. Molato enjoys helping patients of all walks of life, and hopes to provide restorative care, improving independence & assisting patients in living their best life. Beyond chiropractic as a pain relief strategy, Dr. Molato hopes to also share his Whole-body-care focus of wellness through the powerful preventative benefits of hands-on care.

Creating a Home for Patients

Dr. Molato prioritizes flexible and individualize care. “It’s an honor to be trusted to care for my patients, and hope it instill confidence that I am here to help! To care for patients, I listen & observe in order to apply more personalized treatments”- His aim is restorative wellness. “One patient I had the pleasure of working with was an elderly woman who was experiencing numbness and tingling down her arms and legs.

That very first day, she could barely walk. After several visits, she was able to go to the gym and started working out again. Ever since, she’s been taking a proactive approach to her wellness and that helps her continue to thrive.”Dr. Molato would like for “Patients to find hope and comfort with our care because we genuinely want to help them and listen to their needs.”

Outside of the Practice

When Dr. Molato isn’t spending time caring for patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Brenna and their two dogs—Ducci and Harry—who are both loveable rescues. The couple loves to enjoy the outdoors and highly regards the Pacific Northwest for all the outdoor recreational opportunities it has to offer. They enjoy exploring together & discovering new adventures, including trying unique hobbies— like seafood foraging (& cooking razor clam chowder!). Learning how to mushroom forage is also on their list.

Dr. Molato would love the chance to welcome you into our care. To get started or learn more, contact us today for a visit—we can’t wait to see you.

Dr. Robert Molato | (360) 352-3333